Our Services

Target identification for diseases


Although we have our own inhouse prioritized targets spanning 1365 human diseases we are open to collaborate with biotech companies, pharmaceutical companies, academia, or any other interested entities to identify targets for any specific disease using NonExomics platform.

Based on the nature of the collaboration, these targets would be validated experimentally for further preclinical validations.

Collaboration for all therapeutic modalities


We are exploring all modalities to validate a set of prioritized targets and we welcome opportunities to collaborate with partners in challenging these noncanonical proteins using small molecules, antisense oligos, antibodies, gene therapy, etc.



We seek opportunities to use our discovery process to identify companion diagnostics for drug co-development process.

We are also using capability to diagnose and stratify patients for not only rare diseases but also for difficult to treat diseases such as cancer. We have worked with individual patients and hospital teams to develop this strategy.